Current conditions

Clean & Chilly Waist to Chest High for Maine. Building NE wind wave elsewhere

With cold Canadian high pressure delivering our air, temps started off again this morning in the 20′s and low 30′s – rather cold for this time of year. Despite ample sunshine, brisk NE winds will keep temps in the low 40′s today. Swell from the Cape Northward is running 3-5 ft at 10-11 sec from the SE, and will fade through the day. Concurrently, NE winds of 15-25 mph are building a choppy short period wind wave that will become the dominant feature this afternoon. Facing south, the Maine seacoast is offering up clean waist to chest high conditions, while the south coast is rather quiet save for the building wind wave most notable across Long Island.

Waves Today… Underlying 10-11 sec SE swell fades as 5-7 sec NE wind wave builds. NE wind 15-25 mph, mostly sunny, low 40′s

Maine... The place to be today.

New Hampshire, Northern Massachusetts & Cape Cod… Facing  east, the NE wind wave becomes the dominant feature

Scituate… Beginning to see the first waves in a while. NE winds should build conditions for later today & tomorrow.

South Coast... Waist high leftovers from the south along Rhode Island, while Long Island is exposed to the NE wind wave.

Future Outlook… East winds offshore build swell for Friday/Saturday


As high pressure to our north moves east over the Canadian Maritimes, counterclockwise circulating winds around its perimeter shift from NE to east, especially over the open waters. This establishes a 300-400 mile fetch that builds an easterly swell which is forecast to peak tomorrow at 9-11 sec, with rather lumpy overhead conditions. Swell subsides a bit for Saturday, but winds swing light W/SW cleaning things up for east facing shores. Temps however remain cool, in the 40′s, with not a whole lot of sun. Weather improves for Easter Sunday. We’ll have to see if the swell hangs on for that long.

Waves Friday… Lumpy 9-11 sec periods, winds east 5-15 mph, mostly cloudy, low 40′s

Waves Saturday… 8-10 sec periods, winds light W/SW, partial sun, chilly start in the 30′s warming to the 50′s.

Mike Morris, Surf Forecaster for Northern Surfer